Getting Around:

Playa del Carmen is great because you can walk pretty much anywhere you need to. The major avenues run parallel to the beach and go up by 5s and the streets or “Calles" run east to west and go up by 2’s and are one way.


In Playa del Carmen, and Mexico in general, taxis are not metered and have a fixed rate. Before getting into a taxi, ask how much they charge to your destination as there is always an opportunistic taxi driver who wants to charge more. You can negotiate fares and always agree on the price before getting in. You can pay in US dollars but taxi drivers will have a higher exchange rate. Tipping the driver is not common and there are no night or weekend fees. 

As a general rule, anything in the immediate downtown area west of the highway should cost between 50-90 pesos and taxis to Playacar are about 100-120 pesos.

*Prices are in pesos

Uber is not available in Playa yet, but Taxis in Playa del Carmen can now be reached through WhatsApp. You can send them a text and they will quote you a price which is only 10 pesos more that the normal fare and they will come pick you up at your location. 

WhatsApp Taxi Number: 9841970814 or 9841381075


Ado is the most frequently used bus by tourists and locals and there are two bus stations in Playa del Carmen. Most buses arriving and going to Cancún, Cancún International Airport, Tulum and other tourist destinations arrive to the station located on 5th Avenue with Benito Juárez Avenue. The second bus station is located on 20th Avenue with 12th Street.  The buses are reliable, air conditioned and clean and some have bathrooms for longer trips. 

You can purchase tickets online or directly at the bus station.

Car Rental

Renting a car is great way to see the surrounding areas. We strongly recommend getting insurance and taking photos of the car at the agency. Never leave any items showing in the car.

Tips for driving in Mexico:
  • Turning right on a red light is permitted.
  • Most people only slow down at stop signs without making a full stop.
  • Flashing green light means the light is about to turn red. You'll notice drivers speed up when they see the yellow light instead of slowing down.
  • Once the light turns green, wait a few seconds to make sure no one passes their red light and ignore the people who honk behind you.
  • A big E with a line across stands for "No Estacionar", meaning "No parking".
  • At the gas station, always check to make sure the gas pump is at $0.00 and always pay at the end. Leaving $10 pesos for tip is common.
  • It is illegal to drink and drive, not to wear your seat belt and to talk on your phone while driving.