Local Area Guide: Plan Your Trip


The beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters are calling your name and you’re looking into spending your holidays in the Riviera Maya. With so many lodging options it can get overwhelming choosing the perfect place for you. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself in order to plan your ultimate dream vacation. 

Where should I stay? Playa del Carmen is a great pick because of it’s convenient location and all the activities you can do here and nearby! Natural adventure parks are as close as 10 minutes away and as far as an hour away, one of the New Seven Wonders of the world is only 2 hours away, the heavenly town of Tulum is only an hour south, Cozumel offers some of the world’s best diving and is just a 30 minute ferry ride, world-class restaurants and shops combined with the Mexican folklore and culture and an international airport 40 minutes away make Playa the ultimate destination in the Riviera Maya. One thing is sure, there are plenty of options to cater to your specific needs to make this vacation one you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

What type of accommodation should I book? All-inclusive resorts might sound appealing if all you want to do is lounge by the pool and stay in your hotel. But if you’ve come all the way here might as well make the most out of all the Riviera Maya has to offer! That’s why staying in a condo hotel is a great alternative to your traditional resorts. We have all the commodities and amenities from back home with the added bonus of a gym, pool, business centre and our concierge service. Our convenient location is walking distance from the famous pedestrian street “Fifth Avenue”, grocery stores, restaurants and only a few blocks away from the beach. 

Determine the dates of your vacation. How many days/nights are you staying?  Are your dates flexible? If so, you might be able to save money with one of our vacation rental or seasonal specials. Is there an event/activity you don’t want to miss? Contact us for more information and events happening around the time you would like to come. You can also check our social media for more information on what’s happening in the area.

How many people are traveling? Adults? Kids? 

How many bedrooms/bathrooms do I need?

Any special needs/requirements?

What is my budget?

What activities do I want to experience during my time in Mexico? Diving, sightseeing, dining out, nightlife or simply relaxing?

What amenities are most important to me?

Let us get to know you and your needs so we can help you plan an unforgettable vacation in Playa. Please feel free to ask questions about activities, events, festivals, weather, outdoor adventures and anything else you want to know about our wonderful town. Give us a call at 011-52-1-998-317-1501 to find out more.

We can’t wait to have you stay with us in our playground! 


What to Pack

Packing for your holidays in Playa is fairly simple, but with the excitement of your trip you might forget a few items so we've made a list of the essentials!

For the Ladies

Light, airy sundresses, cotton shirts, shorts, camisoles and bathing suites, flip flops, comfortable walking shoes for ruins, water shoes if you plan on going to lots of parks and wedges if you like wearing heels (stilettos aren't advised as the main street is cobblestone), a rash guard if you plan on going paddle boarding or for diving during the winter and for night dives. 

Places with air conditioning can get quite cold so it's always best to bring a shawl or a light sweater for the evenings.  

For the Men

Light cotton shirts, comfortable walking shoes for ruins, water shoes if you plan on going to lots of parks, light dress shoes, rash guard if you want to go paddle boarding or night diving. 

***Bring your own mask and snorkel if you have one at home. Don’t forget biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellant for all the parks and cenotes. (You can always buy these items here if you don't have much space in your suitcase). During the rainy season don't forget your rain coat as it can rain pretty hard at times. Investing in a GoPro or waterproof camera is well worth the money for incredible pictures
If you have extra space in your suitcase, you can bring school supplies for children and we will give them to an organization or you can pay a visit to one of the schools!

Plan Accordingly - Weather 

Playa Condo Rentals

Summer, May to September, can get pretty hot with temperatures averaging 28C (83F) and with the humidity factor up to 36C (96F). July and August are the hottest months so it is advisable to get to the ruins as early as possible to avoid the heat from the strong summer sun. Cenotes, snorkelling, diving and water parks are especially inviting during these months as they are the perfect way to stay cool.

November to February is our winter with temperatures averaging about 24C or 75F, January being the coldest. The nights cool down enough for a light sweater and the days are warm and sunny. 

Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November, but remember that we do get 340 days of sunshine so the chances of a hurricane are more unlikely and predictable. It may say on your weather forecast that it is going to rain during your whole trip, but it tends to rain for short periods of time a day. 

Check the weather forecast beforehand. 


Getting to Playa from the Airport

Tip: Once you arrive at the Cancun International Airport and go through customs and immigration, you will receive your tourist card. Keep that safe with your passport, as you will need it to leave the country.

Playa is a 50 min drive from the Cancun International Airport and getting here is very easy. Contact us if you would like us to arrange private transportation for you.

You can also take the ADO bus which is the most frequently used bus by tourists and locals. The buses are reliable, air conditioned and clean. There are two bus stations in Playa del Carmen one on 5th and Benito Juárez Avenue and the other on 20th and 12th. You can then take a taxi to your condo for about $90 pesos. 

If you plan on renting a car during your trip you, can rent it from the airport and from there just get on the 307 highway and follow the signs to Playa del Carmen. Take the exit to Avenida Constituyentes and left on 20th to arrive at the check-in office.

We look forward to meeting you and wish you safe travels!


Seasonal Guide

Here are some incredible things you can do in the Riviera Maya depending on the season. Don’t miss the incredible opportunity to do one of these activities if you’re down here during those dates. 

Diving with bull sharks
Eagle ray season 

Swimming with whale sharks 
Manta ray season
Sea turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach

Deep sea fishing (March, April and May)
Spring Equinox in Chichen-Itzá

Fall Equinox in Chichen-Itzá

Visit our social media websites for more information about events, festivals and cool stuff happening throughout the year!



Mexico's currency is the peso and although most places in Playa accept US dollars, it is advisable to have pesos on hand otherwise you are at the mercy of the merchant's exchange rate which is not usually favourable. For the best rates, we suggest buying Mexican pesos from your local bank in Playa.

Most shops accept US dollars but will rarely give the bank’s exchange rate. When paying in US dollars, the merchant will give back the change in Mexican pesos. 

Visa and Mastercard are accepted in most shops and a piece of ID is often required. American Express is sometimes accepted and Discovery is rarely accepted. 

We recommend taking money out from banks as opposed to the ATM’s you find on 5th. Banks, such as Scotiabank, HSBC and Santander are usually open until 4 pm with a few exceptions.


Useful Information

Because the wages here are not high, most people working in Mexico live from the tips they make, so it’s good to always have some loose change with you. If you receive good service, tipping 15% is the norm. 

The water from the faucet is not safe to drink, however, all good restaurants will use purified water, so there’s nothing to worry about it. 

Start brushing up on your Spanish with these useful words and phrases!